By making conscious choices, Vandersterre is helping to create a more sustainable and better world. We contribute to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability on multiple levels.

Sustainable cheese

Consideration for people, animals and the environment

Say cheese to the planet

Every day at Vandersterre, we try to find the best balance between the three Ps: Profit, People, and Planet. We see it as our task to sustainably produce, consume and promote enterprise. With the focus on the here and now, but also on future generations.

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Enjoyable work

A workplace where you feel at home

Climate-neutral farm

Our targets for a climate-neutral farm within 10 years: - Conversion of cow dung into gas using a manure fermenter - Generation of 100% energy using solar panels - Reduction of unnecessary mileage by creating a more compact work location

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Cow wellness

Everyone wants a HAPPY cow

Sport, culture & society

On a social level, we are also passionate and enterprising. For example, we support a wide range of local and regional initiatives in the area of sport, culture and society. We are particularly committed to activities that stimulate togetherness in this digital age – for example, in the shape of sponsoring.

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Landana Organic

Delicious organic cheese