Visitors code of conduct

Visitors code of conduct

Welcome at Vandersterre Holland B.V. We hope that you will enjoy your visit to our storage, loading and ripening areas. Please read the below instructions carefully before entering these areas and sign the registration form for approval.


  1. Hygiene guidelines

We kindly ask you to respect our guidelines for your personal safety and for the hygiene rules that we have in place.


It is prohibited to smoke, eat and drink in our warehouses, or to bring liquids, glass objects, drugs, medication or tobacco into the various areas.


  1. Health

We cannot allow you to access the warehouse if you have recently visited the (sub)tropics, been treated in hospital or if you are suffering from fever, flu-like symptoms, vomiting, diarrhoea, skin infections or respiratory symptoms.


  1. Safety

For your own safety, we ask you to always stay with one of our employees or supervisors during your visit. If this is not the case, please take notice of the emergency exits. Our in-house emergency personnel can be recognized by their green hairnet and they will be wearing a neon coloured safety vest in case of an emergency such as a fire or evacuation. Please follow their instructions at all times and leave the building when the evacuation alarm sounds. Please gather outside in the parking lot and wait for further instructions.


  1. Attention

Please follow our traffic rules and please beware of moving trucks, pallet trucks, rotating machine parts, slippery surfaces and other hazards.


  1. Electronic tag

If you receive your own temporary electronic tag, please do not let other people use your key and do not open doors for others. On departure or at the end of the working day please make sure to sign out and leave the key there were you signed in.


Maintenance, inspection and operational personnel: