You may already have noticed that we have a new corporate design. The new corporate design is a perfect fit for the character of this modern, innovative family business and its ambitions. The new, hand-written logo visualises core concepts such as personal, open, distinctive and reliable. The pay-off, “The Cheese Family from Holland” reflects the professional, committed Vandersterre team, representing this reliable, innovative cheese family. In addition, it also highlights the Dutch origins of the business, as well as its presence in the domestic and international markets.

The new corporate design has been implemented throughout the company and its operations, in everything from email addresses to completely renewed trade fair stands. The new logo is now proudly displayed on all of our buildings and our brand new brand brochures.

New brand brochure

Also our brand brochure have been given a fresh new look. Click below to take a look at our renewed digital brochure and discover the power of the two strong brands Prima Donna and Landana.

New email addresses

Our email addresses have been shortened to match our new Vandersterre logo. Rather than, their format will now be (which means that ‘groep’ has been omitted). Although the old email addresses will continue to work, we would ask you to use the new shorter email addresses from now on. Despite the changes to our visual identity and email addresses, your contact person at Vandersterre will remain the same.

Company names

Vandersterre Holland B.V. in Bodegraven and Vandersterre Groep Packaging B.V. in Grootebroek remain (formally speaking) the companies through which we conduct our business. We would ask you to leave these two company names unchanged if you use them in your accounts. From now on, however, all of our companies will use the same new logo.

Any questions?

Your point of contact in the Vandersterre team will remain your regular contact person. Please feel free to contact him or her if you have any questions.

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