Vandersterre is a Dutch family business.  With almost 350 passionate colleagues, we produce, refine and package Dutch cheese specialties. We sell these products in the Netherlands and in more than eighty other countries around the world.


To be a reliable and innovative cheese family that markets brands and concepts in Dutch Cheese specialties in a sustainable way all over the world.


Vandersterre wants consumers around the world to be able to enjoy the best Dutch cheese and cheese specialties.




De Graaff Cheese

Our history goes back to 1929, when Cornelis de Graaff went into business in the town of Enkhuizen in North Holland. By specializing in the packaging of cheese, from generation to generation we have built up the knowledge and expertise that we use in our modern packaging plant every day.
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland


Van der Sterre

Vandersterre has been refining and selling Dutch cheese since 1946. That was the year when Piet van der Sterre started his enterprise in the cheese village of Bodegraven. Ever since, this high-quality naturally matured cheese has been popular both inside and outside the Netherlands.
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland


Cheese production

Our Kaamps Cheese dairy is located at Kaamps Estate in Deurningen. Since 1985, we have been making the most delicious Dutch cheese there in strict accordance with the cheese-making tradition of the Nijland family.
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland


New Grootebroek location

After the construction of our new packaging location in Grootebroek, in 2009 we merged the activities of the two companies into the current Vandersterre.
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland


New Meerkerk location

The maturing of cheese on wooden shelves is a skill that we mastered since the very start. Whereas the cheese used to be matured in a farmhouse cheese attic, we now mature it in the traditional way in our new premises.c
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland


Vandersterre plays an important role in every link in the chain, from the cow to the supermarket shelf. And as we become more professional and more international, our committed corporate culture and our personal approach will continue to be the solid basis on which we do business. Because you don’t just sell cheese with your brain; you also sell it with your heart.
Vandersterre The Cheese Family From Holland