At Vandersterre, we are constantly trying to make our product ranges even more sustainable. That starts with the cow, but also the step prior to that: the feed programs that include the composition of the grass. For happy cows, we stimulate the use of materials that promote cow wellness, such as cow brushes and mattresses. Vandersterre is one of the signatories of the Weidegang agreement, which aims to promote grazing (the cow in the pasture).

Sustainability is also a priority when we are making cheese. Where possible, we leave unnecessary additives out of our cheese recipes (clean label). For example: Landana is produced in a factory that uses solar panels and recovers or recycles heat, water and by-products. Kaamps Estate supplies ‘blue’ ecological services, which means that after heavy rainfall the land is kept under water to ensure the best possible landscape management. This is also where our cheese dairy is located and our aim is to become climate neutral there within 10 years.

At Vandersterre, the separation of waste flows and the use of green energy are already normal practice, as is the frequent use of glass in our buildings so that we need less light and therefore energy. And, of course, we also try to minimize the number of transport movements. This benefits not just the environment but also our budget! We develop packaging that complies with “essential requirements” (restricting packaging to the necessary minimum).